Bronze and Aluminum Cast Signs



Gemini Cast and Aluminum Signs

Gemini is one of the finest producers of large and cast signs in the world.  If you need a cast sign, call us for an appointment.  This is a slow process, up to 6 weeks, so be realistic about your goals.  Call or email us for a discussion about the materials, styles, sizes and colors available for your project.  If necessary, I will come and visit your site.

After you Select

After you select a style, have your text set, and decisions about materials,  background and possible logos and pictures, they are submitted to Gemini for a proof and a bid.  

Bids, Proofs and Revisions

Past experiences have shown that it will take several revisions before the final proof is approved.  At that time the proof is approved and a final price, shipping and installation (as appropriate) is given.

Time to Make your Plaque

Depending on your choices and urgency, the usual order will take several weeks to produce.  Most will be shipped directly to the location for installation.


Most plaques require cleaning with a mild soap, like a dishwashing soap every few months.  If a plaque is scratched, there are remedies to re-coat and repaint.



We both will take our time during this process, because these plaques will become a part of the history of many of the locations or items they were purchased for and will be on display for decades, if not for centuries.  A bronze or aluminum cast plaque is meant to last for a very long time, so lets get it 100% right!

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